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Kragelj was hired to design a part of the offices in Crystal Palace, the tallest office building in Slovenia. The workspaces needed a new look. One that inspired collaborative work, agility, loyalty, and attracted talent from around the world. The office needed to be an extension of the client’s brand and values.

Turnkey Project

Management services Provided for the whole project on behalf of the client.

Kragelj coordinated all design, procurement and construction work and ensured that the project was completed as required and in time.


The client, a global unicorn company, had a clear goal in mind. To create a workplace where people want to be. It needed to be a vibrant office, one that by its very nature inspires creativity and dynamic social interaction. And, at the same time, supports the employees to work whenever and wherever they want.

In line with their brand values, the company wanted these goals represented through an out-of-the-box office design. An innovative design that would allow the workplace to be seen as an international hub for creativity and entertainment. Their vision was that once you saw this place, you just had to be a part of it.

Idea Factory!

Best and brightest need a creative environment to rapid-fire their collaboration and new ideas.


The first step was to look at the layout of the existing space. The client wanted to use the space as effectively as possible in order to allow for dozens of people working together. In addition, the company’s social and friendly working style required the freedom to configure the room as needed.

Agile = flexible

The use of laptops and mobile devices allow for a totally flexible work environment which is the essence of an efficient adile of activity-based working.

If the concept was to allow agile work, the team had to be able to move the room around to suit their purposes. Plus, in a dynamic workplace like this, everyone had to be included. After all, frequent social interactions and opportunities to collaborate are the keys to the client’s success.

However, there had to be room for focused and uninterrupted work as well. The agile workplace design needs to be balanced.

Productivity Boost

Provide inspiring collaboration spaces for your project teams. And protect quality focus work in the open spaces at the same time


Kragelj designed a layout that supports a dynamic and fluid flow throughout the office. This allows for more people to be in the same space without feeling boxed-in or secluded. The design team came up with innovative solutions for working desks that have multiple configurations. Flexibility is the key component of the agile workplace design. It allows for small groups and larger teams to work together.

The design team positioned a large conference room in the middle of the floor. Plus two smaller rooms, as well as ad hoc meeting rooms and a hammock booth. The key thing was to keep glass walls and an open flow as the main elements so that even in meetings, everyone still felt part of the whole. Raised flooring, flake boards, and bright colors added to the atmosphere of playfulness, creativity, and the unexpected.

Rethink Your Roi

To adapt the workplace to demographic trends requires next-generation office spaces, supporting greater density and interaction.

A loft-like spaciousness, connectivity and special features such as this support personal productivity, engagement, and wellness.

Kragelj Eržen

CEO & Chief Architect

One of our most exciting projects. The client has set clear goals and expectations and let us do the job.

They were pleased with the results and sent us working on two new projects right away.


The new workplace is an agile work environment that supports innovation, design, and methodical planning. Every diverse work style and every personality is accounted for in the redesigned office space. People can work on their own, in the manner they choose, or with large groups on their projects. The space also allows for freedom from logistical constraints, technical setbacks, or communication issues.

Agile Working in Numbers


All New Workstations


All New Work Spots


With the new agile workplace design Kragelj created space for 53 new employees, which is of big importance for any rapidly expanding organization. People feel a genuine loyalty and connection to their employer and to the success they are creating. The client feels confident that their new agile workplace rivals other top technology companies around the world. Which gives them an opportunity to attract more top talent to their ambitious teams.


project manager

The project was demanding and fast-paced. But the design team had all the support needed and finished the project in time and within budget.

It was great to see employees pleased and proud.

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