Medis Headquarters Upgrade

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Medis Headquarters Upgrade

Ljubljana, Slovenia

In 2017, Kragelj was contacted by Medis, a medical marketing company in Slovenia, to make some changes to their corporate culture. They laid out some of their goals in this workplace redesign project.

  • Tailor the site for individual work and team contribution
  • Reflect the companys culture of ambition and innovation
  • Allow room for future expansion and long-term vision
  • Attract more talent from the pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, life sciences, and economics field

How We Began

Kragelj took up the challenge by first understanding how Medis operates. They have over 280 staff, many of whom have advanced degrees in the fields they seek to attract. Their medical marketing innovation comes from a strong cooperation within their teams.

Medis sees their employee as their most valuable assets and cares for their well-being. They want their space to reflect that care so new talent will feel inspired and creative in the workplace.

By taking the time to understand how Medis operates and identifying the issues with the current layout, Kragelj had a big task ahead to satisfy the requirements of this new workspace.

What We Did

Kragelj used the most up-to-date research to determine what causes employees to choose and stay in their jobs. Natural light and unobstructed views were crucial, so we designed a new floor plan that brightened and expanded the space.

The new layout has 20% more space after we removed unnecessary walls. All the design elements were placed with care to allow light and freedom of movement between spaces. We added specially-designed acoustic walls to reduce sound transmissions in open spaces by 10db.

What We Achieved

Medis now has a work environment that is elegant, inspires creativity, manages to balance workflow, and invites others to join in these modern, new workspaces. Through careful thought and a planned approach, Kragelj succeeded in meeting the requirements for the long-term vision of Medis.


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