Si.mobil HQ Store

Si.mobil HQ Store

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Following the success of its new Flagship Store, Si.mobil again turned to Kragelj to develop a custom solution for the HQ retail store. The store design is still based on the winning prototype design of the pilot concept but it incorporates additional elements to reflect the fact that the store is located in Si.mobil’s Headquarters building.

HQ store is Si.mobil’s most popular and successful store so far. It proves the validity of the pilot concept with which Kragelj managed to completely rethink store design and merchandising to meet the needs of the savvy, smartphone-equipped customers.

In-store experience is increasingly less about hard selling and increasingly more about inspiration and finding how products fit into a customer’s life. Kragelj understands that customers are not shopping for one item or one channel anymore, they tend to cross shop based on how they use their products in their lives. In the heart of the BTC City, one of the biggest shopping centers in Central Europe, Si.mobil’s HQ store enables its customers this experience.


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